Let's all get on the same page here, before we get started.

Being consumers ourselves, we hate confusion and uncertainty. It's the one thing that makes everything much more complicated. As such, we always believe in being transparent in our processes for your sake and ours.

You Purchase

Checkout your staff from your Chinese marketplace of choice (our favourite is Taobao) and during checkout, choose to ship it to our China warehouse located in Guangzhou.

We will provide you with a personalized address and code to use.


We Receive

Your packages should arrive in our warehouse a few days after your seller has sent the packages out.

Some purchases, such as furniture, will take longer because the seller needs time to customize or build the finished product - so it's important to talk with your seller, too!

We Dabao

We consolidate and pack your packages together based on your provided packing list.

For fragile items such as glass panels and TVs, we can also help to crate them up for a small fee - but you need to let us know!

Only want to ship some but not all your stuff this round? No problem!


We Ship

We then proceed to sheeping, sorry, shipping your consolidated package out by your preferred method - Sea, Big Air or Tiny Air

You'll get your packages at your door in a manner of days! Woohoo!


Ready to get started? Drop us a quick message here

...or via WhatsApp and Telegram at the numbers below the page