Fast & Affordable Sea Shipment to Your Door?

You asked - we listened.
Introducing our new pocket-friendly Sea shipment prices!

Tiny Sea


For 0.09m3 and below

  • About 10 to 12 working days
  • Free
  • Full Prevailing GST Payable
  • Volume (m3)
  • The most affordable sea shipments to your doorstep. Face masks, creams, ointments, books - things that you want to move cheaply but quickly.

Small Sea


For 0.1m3 to 0.49m3

  • About 10 to 12 working days
  • Free
  • Full Prevailing GST Payable
  • Volume (m3)
  • Cheap Clothes, A Whole Batch of Powerbanks, Mobile Phone Cases for Your Store, A Super Large Teddy Bear

Mid Sea


For 0.5m3 to 0.99m3

  • About 10 to 12 working days
  • Free
  • Full Prevailing GST Payable
  • Volume (m3)
  • A Full-sized Bicycle, Living Room Armchair, Many, Many Cartons of 王老吉 Herbal Tea, Small Cabinets, Office Roller Drawers, and much more!

Big Sea

S$16.2/ 0.1m3

Minimum Chargeable: 1m3

  • About 10 to 12 working days
  • Free
  • Full Prevailing GST Payable
  • Volume (m3)
  • Cheap XiaoMi TVs, $100 Sofas, Fake Carpet Grass Rolls, Rose Gold-plated Toilet Bowl, Smart Pressure Cooker - you get the idea

Huge Sea

S$N/A/ 0.1m3

For 3m3 to 4.99m3

  • About 10 to 12 working days
  • Free
  • Full 7% GST Payable
  • Volume (m3)
  • Enough stuff to fill most new HDB living rooms - you'll struggle to find place to walk with this much stuff!

Mega Sea

S$N/A/ 0.1m3

5m3 and above

  • About 10 to 12 working days
  • Free
  • Full 7% GST Payable
  • Volume (m3)
  • Literally all you need for your home or business renovations. Several sets of Sofas, Beds, Cabinets, Benches, Chairs, etc.


What about..

  • Delivery Speed
  • Doorstep Fees
  • GST Allowance
  • Unit of Measure
  • Good for...

Tiny Air


Tiny Shipments Under 4kg

  • 4 to 6 working days
  • S$8 per shipment
  • GST-free Under $400
  • Actual or Volumetric Weight (kg) - whichever is higher
  • Cheap balloons for your kids' birthday party next week, Mens' Suits, Last-minute Gala Gowns, etc.

Big Air


Between 4kg to 20.99kg

  • 4 to 6 working days
  • Free
  • GST-free Under $400
  • Actual or Volumetric Weight (kg) - whichever is higher
  • 20,000mAh Power Banks, 麻辣 Mala Snacks, Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, Nail Polish Removers, Mobile Phone Chargers, etc.

XL Air


Shipments Above 21kg

  • 4 to 6 working days
  • Free
  • GST-free Under $400
  • Actual or Volumetric Weight (kg) - whichever is higher
  • Posters and banners, kitchenware, a batch of computer parts, etc.

Prices last updated on 9 June 2024, 9.52 AM.
See "The Fine Print" section at the bottom of the page for disclaimer.


Wait - what's with the /m3 and /kg rates? When is which rate used?

Basically, m3 (as you probably recall from Primary 3 math class) is actually 1m * 1m * 1m - so therefore, a single m3 is equivalent to the volume of a cube which is 1 meters along each side. This is basically the volume of your goods.

The formula for volume (m3) is: Length (m) * Breadth (m) * Height (m) (all in meters)

You probably already know what a kg is - but for clarity's sake, its 1 kilogram, or 1000 grams.

For Sea shipments, we go by a /m3 rate, meaning that we take the volume of all items shipped in total. However, for Air shipments, we usually take either the actual weight or the volumetric weight of the package - whichever is higher.


Air Shipments: How do I calculate volumetric weight?

Volumetric weight is a "weight" derived from the volume of your package - but there's a specific formula used. It's not the actual weight of the item, but it's used by most shipping companies as a measure of "size" when shipping by air.

The formula for volumetric weight (kg) is: (Length (cm) * Breadth (cm) * Height (cm)) / 5000

(Yes, this means that the HUGE teddy bear that you wanted to ship by Air is going to be really expensive even though the actual weight is only very little.. because the size is so big!)

We'll walk you through every step of the way, promise.

You've probably reached that stage where you find Taobao's Shipment Consolidation 集运 service too costly and inflexible. Plus, you probably find that the support given by their staff located 4000km away from you is, well, questionable.

Being heavy-spending consumers ourselves too, we know how that feels like. We tried, we learnt, and we perfected that secret sauce to shipping complicated stuff. That's why we set Sheep up - to make the shipping experience easy for you and me again.

The Fine Print.

We thought we should be upfront about this: The rates in which we pay to our partner transit companies are floating every single day.

During peak seasons, we are charged more from our partners. As far as possible, we will try to absorb price fluctuations, but sometimes, we do have to amend the prices because it is not sustainable.

To be transparent, our pricing will be updated here on this page on our website (together with the last updated date), and is effective at the point of shipment release from Sheep’s China warehouse.

I Call Police, ah!

Also, if you attempt to ship illegal sh*t with us (see Singapore Customs' List of Controlled & Prohibited Goods for Import), we will call police, hor. Don't play play!

If you have Controlled Goods which you have applied (and received) a permit for, please let us know before the shipment is released so that we can make special arrangements for you. Additional fees from the clearing agent may apply.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We understand that each and every one of our customers are unique. But you know lah, we only have two thumbs, so it can be a little tiring for our Customer Service staff to respond to the same questions to different people. We'll try our best - but if you need answers immediately, here they are:

Overseas Shipping

1How many packages can I have in a Sea shipment?

Packages or Tracking Numbers Fees
1st to 30th 50th No Extra Charge
31st to 40th 51st to 80th $1 per Package or Tracking Number
41st 81st Onwards New Shipment Required

We have now raised the respective package limits of each tier by an additional +40. So you can sheep, sorry, ship more items for cheap!

There is a fixed maximum of 40 80 packages or tracking numbers (whichever comes first) per Sea shipment. If you have above 4080 packages, please initiate a seperate shipment.

(Also, if you think you've a case which requires an exception, we're more than happy to talk.)

2What is the minimum chargeable amount for Sea shipments?
The minimum chargeable amount has been revised to 1m3 (1 cubic meter, also approximately known as 1m x 1m x 1m).

Anything else above 1m3 will be charged in accordance of 0.1m3 steps based on the actual volume, with examples illustrated below:

Actual Volume Chargeable Volume Shipping Fees (as of 05/11/21) Extra Fees
0.23m3 Small Sea For 0.1m3 to 0.49m3 $91 GST, Crating Fees (if any),
Insurance (optional),
Storage Fees (see FAQ below)
0.78m3 Mid Sea (For 0.5m3 to 0.99m3) $144
1m3 Big Sea (Above 1m3, per 0.1m3) $16.2*(1*10)
= $162.00
2.34m3 Big Sea (Above 1m3, per 0.1m3) $16.2*(2.34*10)
= $379.08

3This item sucks. I would like to return it to China!
Sorry, you're out of luck - we don't do return shipping back to China, be it by Air or Sea, simply because it's extremely costly and we think that you'd faint from sheer shock if you knew the prices.

4Sorry, we don't do guaranteed shipment dates!
The shipping days are estimated in Working Days. In other words, we do not do "guaranteed date shipping" so as to keep our rates competitive.

Late payment, missing or incomplete information may cause a delay in shipping times. Though we must say that the majority of our shipments meet our quoted durations.

Other stuff such as unforeseeable bad weather, customs clearance delays, public holidays and major sales periods may cause delays are beyond the control of Sheep.

That said, we promise to do our very best with your shipment, always.

Local Delivery

1What do I have to prepare for the delivery of my packages?

Our Sheep’s delivery team is professionally trained to deliver your goods to your doorstep in the best and most efficient manner.

What we do hope from our customers is for someone to be present at the delivery location to sign for the shipment, and please do ensure that there is sufficient unobstructed accessible space for our delivery team to accommodate your delivered goods.

2Please bring my bed into the room, and the couch to the guest room...
Unfortunately, when we say doorstep delivery, we literally mean the doorstep at your address' main door - you know, like the postman does.

If additional help needed to move your goods beyond doorstep, it will be up to the delivery team personnel's discretion, schedule and provided that it is safe and practical to do so.

3Where are your Self-collection Points?
We know that your previous shipment providers liked having you run around the island in order to collect your goods. Fortunately, we are not like that - we simply don't have any self-collection points, and we strictly deliver to your doorstep.

4Can your guys assemble this chair? It's only one screw.
Sheep’s delivery team does not provide dismantling, the opening of packages, nor assembly of your goods. Goods are sent to your doorstep as-is.

If you need help in dismantling the exterior wooden crate, please inform us in advanced before you make payment. Do note that will be a fee for dismantling of crates - depending on the size of the items.

5My place doesn't have a lift. Your guys have to climb to the 5th floor via stairs.

For delivery areas that are non-accessible for any reason - such as goods being unable to fit into the lift, having not enough space or allowance of walkways to your delivery address, refusal by building management or security, etc - You may need to collect your shipment from the nearest legal/permitted loading bay of your delivery address.

We cannot stop by the roadside on a double zig-zag yellow line and unload your stuff lah. Nor can we barge our way into your condo if your security doesn't want to let us in.

On a more serious note, please measure the maximum allowance from the relevant loading bay to your doorstep before even purchasing your items from the sellers. This includes lifts, corridors, ceilings, etc.

If your delivery address is feasible and safe to be delivered by stairs and you wish to do so, please let us know. Fees will apply according to your goods’ weight, number of items floor climbed and manpower needed. Do note that decision will be up to our Sheep’s delivery team discretion and schedule.

6Restricted & Non-delivery Areas

Our Sheep’s delivery team aims to deliver to your convenience. However, due to restrictions and limitations (placed by certain institutions and organisations), we are sorry to share that we are not able to make deliveries to the following areas in Singapore;

  • Jurong Island
  • Tuas Link
  • Changi Cargo
  • Country Clubs
  • Army Camps
  • Seletar Aerospace
  • Off-shore Islands such as Pulau Ubin
  • Turf Club Avenue
  • Sentosa
  • Singapore Prison Quarters
  • Airbase sites
  • SATS Inflight Catering Centre 1
  • ST Kinetics
  • Shipyards
  • Hospitals
  • Powergrid
  • Airport Boulevard, and all airport areas including areas within Changi Airport and Seletar Airport
  • Any other restricted or remote areas

We strongly encourage you to set your delivery address to a location that our delivery team can reach and deliver to you.

Do contact us if you are unsure whether your location is a restricted location, or if you need any assistance.

Miscellaneous Charges

1Storage Fees: How long can I keep my goods at your China warehouse?

We offer 45-days of free storage for you while you wait for your orders to arrive for consolidation. Subsequently, Storage Fees will be charged at $1 (Singapore Dollar) per day per package or tracking number.

For item(s) held at Sheep’s warehouse for more than 90-days, it will be considered abandoned. We have the right to dispose of such items without further notice.

For example, if you have one item, Item A, which arrived at our warehouse on 8th August 2020:

Release Date Storage Fees
8th August 2020 to 22nd September 2020 (45 days) Free
23rd September 2020 (46 days) $1
6th November 2020 (90 days) $30
7th November 2020 (91 days) Cannot release item anymore - item will be disposed!

Of course, if you have a special situation whereby you should require an exception to these rules, please, talk to us. We'll work something out together.

2Re-packaging, Crating, and Palletization Fees

Whenever possible, we recommend you to contact your seller first if they can provide the packaging, crating or palletization service. This is especially the case for fragile items such as TVs, monitors, glass or small items in a bulk order.

We can provide such services, however, it is subject to a quotation on a case-to-case basis.

Our Shipment Fees charged will only include the consolidation of packages at our warehouse in China - it does not come with dismantling service or any special request by default.

Do take note that re-packaging, crating and palletization does not guarantee the safety of your goods as we generally do not open up your goods to repack them. Additional packaging will be done over or on top of the goods that we have received at our warehouse.

If you would still like to opt for additional packing on our side, please contact us before you make payment for your shipping.

Please note that it is recommended to specify the tracking number of the packages where packing or crating is required. You can also decide to leave it to our best judgement as to which items should be packed or crated, and we will make the necessary arrangements and directly bill you for it thereafter.

3Length & Weight Restrictions: Air Shipments (Tiny Air & Big Air)

If your total goods' longest side, including the packaging, exceeds 1.1 metres, or if the total dimensions (length + breadth + height) in metres is above 3 metres there will be an additional over-sized charge of $70 SGD. For example, assuming a package is 1.06m (length), 0.95m (breadth), 1.03m (height), this would mean total dimensions are (1.06+0.95+1.03 = ) 3.04m, and therefore, there is the over-sized charge payable, even though the longest side is still under 1.1 metres.

For goods that are more than 2 metres or a single parcel weighing over 30kg, you can only choose to ship via Sea.

We strongly recommend you talk with your seller to ensure that the size and weight requirements are feasible as per these requirements.

4Amendments to Indicated Shipping Method

Our warehouses sort the received packages at the point of receipt, based on the shipment method indicated on the "marking" on the package itself. If you need to change the shipment method, our warehouse team will have to physically move your goods from one section of the warehouse to another.

If you wish to change the delivery method of your goods from China to Singapore, do let us know the date, item’s name, item’s tracking number and which shipping method you would like to change to before you choose to release the goods.

There will be an administrative fee of $5 (Singapore Dollars) per request - up to 5 items.

5Crate Dismantling Fees

If you need help in dismantling your crating, please inform us in advanced before you make payment for your shipping. Do note that will be a fee for dismantling of crates depending on number of crates and size.

6Re-Delivery Charges

Sheep’s delivery team will attempt to contact you on the day itself before attempting delivery. After arranging delivery, please make sure there is someone to receive the delivery.

If there is no one at the address to receive delivery and you would like our delivery team to leave it at the door or riser, our delivery team could do it - but we will not be responsible should any issue arise from leaving packages unattended.

For missed scheduled deliveries, a redelivery fee of $20 (Singapore Dollars) will be charged. We understand plans change - but please let us know in advance so that we won't make a wasted trip to your door.

Release of Goods

1When will my goods be released?

After you have selected your items to be released from our Sheep’s warehouse in China to your Singapore delivery address, we will consolidate your orders and let you know the shipping cost within 2 working days.

Shipping Fees Payment Made Date of Release
Before 6pm on a working day Same day
After 6pm on a working day Next working day
On a non-working day or Public Holiday Next working day (unless otherwise notified)

2Shipping Delays: Why is my package held up?

Late payment, missing/incomplete information may cause a delay in shipping.

The shipping durations quoted above are based on estimation and might not be 100% accurate. Majority of our shipments meet our stated durations.

Unforeseeable factors such as bad weather, customs clearance delays, customs inspections, public holidays and major sales period may cause delays are beyond the control of Sheep.

For example, during Chinese New Year and Taobao 10/10, 11/11 and 12/12 sales, you can certainly expect delays due to the sheer amount of packages we handle.

3Missing, Wrong or Damaged Packages

Please count and tally the amount of parcel according to the list that our delivery team will pass to you upon delivery.

If there is any:

Type of Issue Action
Missing or Wrong Package Please inform our delivery team on the spot to verify this for you. Do not sign the acknowledgement slip until all parcels are tallied with the list.
Damaged Package If the package's exterior packaging is tampered with or arrives in a visibly damaged condition, please take clear photos of the damage and inform us immediately while the delivery team is still there. Do not sign the acknowledgement slip given until we advice you otherwise.

4Missing, Wrong or Damaged Items

We do not provide re-packaging service of your items, thus, we will not open up your parcel delivered to Sheep’s warehouses in respect for your privacy (unless otherwise instructed by the authorities).

In any case of a missing, wrong or damaged item, do contact your seller directly for further clarification. They will usually request photos of the exterior packaging and boxes, so remember to keep those handy for the photos!

Goods & Services Tax (GST)

1Why must I declare and pay for GST?

According to IRAS, generally all goods imported to Singapore are subject to GST levied at 9% of the goods’ costs, insurance and freight (CIF) value, unless otherwise noted.

However, if the parcel is by "air freight or parcel post" and "the parcel's CIF value is below $400" (Singapore Dollars), GST relief will be granted. This would apply to our Air shipments (Tiny Air and Big Air)

For Sea shipments, GST will be imposed on both goods and shipping fees regardless of any amount.

Please refer to the Ministry of Finance's page on GST for more information.

2How much should I declare my goods as?

It is important to declare the accurate value of your goods in Singapore Dollars (SGD) as it required by both Chinese and Singapore Customs. If you opt for the optional shipping insurance, this determines your total covered value as well.

For gifts or goods that comes free or without a fee, you may contact your seller or sender for the most accurate estimation value of your item(s) to declare.

3Special Permits & Licenses

Generally, Sheep is able to deliver most of your goods around the world to you as long it is legal under the export law of the country you’re shipping out and import law of the country you’re sending in.

For some items such as food imports, you may need to produce the relevant licenses from SFA, and there might be additional charges involved. Generally, from experience, any amount of food imports in a quantity which is "obviously not for personal consumption" will be required to obtain a permit. Please contact us first!

4We are a GST-registered company, and we want to claim back our GST!
Please be adviced that Sheep Logistics is NOT a GST-registered business.

This means that if you want to claim back the GST paid on your items, please let us know before the items are released from the origin warehouse so that we can arrange the GST component to be paid directly to our clearing agent partner which is indeed GST-registered. There will be some fees involved for our clearing agent to handle this.


1I am worried for my items during transit - and I would like to get Shipping Insurance

Optional Shipping Insurance (for international shipping transit coverage) is available at 1% of the shipment's declared cost, having a minimum charge of $40 (Singapore Dollars) per shipment - regardless via sea or air. This provides coverage up to ¥100,000 (Chinese Yuan).

Please inform us before releasing your items should you wish to opt for this. Should your items be released already, we are no longer able to add this option.

Please also note that if your total items declared value for an air shipment is above $400 (Singapore Dollars), and you require insurance, this will also incur an additional permit clearance fee from our clearing agent.

2What cannot be covered by Shipping Insurance?

The items covered cannot be rare metals, minerals, fuels, fossils, cash, or cash equivalents. The insurer can also reject coverage by refusing to underwrite for certain items with extremely high-risk levels, so please check with us beforehand should you be keen on taking up Shipping Insurance.

Also, both Sheep and our insurers reserve the rights to reject insurance coverage for any shipments for any and all reasons.

3What else should I know about Shipping Insurance?

The items' value declaration has to be consistent with the customs declaration. Shipping Insurance has to be bought at the point of goods release from Sheep’s China warehouse. This is so that packing staff can document and inspect the exterior packaging of the goods before transit. It cannot be added on at a later stage.

During the inspection, Sheep’s China warehouse might make recommendations such as to secure the object(s) in wooden crates (whereby a service fee chargeable) or to add on additional protective materials. You are required to take the recommendations in order for the insurance coverage to be effected. Rejecting the recommendations will impact insurance coverage.

4I bought Shipping Insurance, but my item arrived damaged. Help!

Should any claims be made against the insurance, a claim has to be started within 24 hours of goods receipt.

The insurer will start an investigation based on a case-to-case basis to process claims. Please do NOT throw away any packaging or exterior materials, and take as much photographs as possible.

Please bear in mind that this Shipping Insurance covers international shipping transit only, and does not cover any damage sustained during the domestic shipping process from your seller to our warehouse (as usually this is covered via domestic shipping insurance which seller paid for already).

FAQ last updated on 9 June 2024, 9.52 AM.